In Good Company (IGC), launched by RBC Foundation, is a partnership of four organizations (Canadian Women’s Foundation, Catalyst, Plan International Canada and YWCA Canada), collaborating to advance gender equality in the corporate sector and beyond.


Progress achieved over the past 30 years for women in the workplace is stalling. This is especially true for those diverse women and gender diverse people who experience multiple barriers depending on things like sexuality, race, Indigeneity, gender identity, disability, class, and immigration status.

In the wake of the pandemic-fuelled economic downturn, a report from RBC revealed that women’s participation in the labour force had dipped to its lowest level in three decades, with 1.5 million Canadian women losing their jobs in the first two months of the pandemic. It was a stark reminder that all crises affect populations differently.

We now face the risk of slipping backward.

It’s time to double up efforts to target sustainable outcomes that eliminate barriers for women and proactively create opportunities for those hit hardest.

Corporate Canada has an important role to play.

Download the essential workplace checklist to move your workplace toward gender equality.